I Am Free Coaching

Believe it or not, ever since I was little, I wanted to be a Sports Trainer, traveling with professional sports teams because of my passion for travel and sports. I also found my ability to naturally get along with people, as well as persevere through life’s challenges. If I had the ability to forever embody living a purposeful life, I would definitely feel good with travelling and servicing others full time. Everyone tells me that I am a good listener, authentic and transparent. Sometimes I am even told I’m supportive, attentive and exude a caring spirit. That’s just another confirmation that I’m in exactly the right place.​A lifetime of managing anxiety and depression has lead to many challenges. As my life has transformed over the years, I’ve sought God more and entered into a space of more self-awareness. As a result my life is freer, I can say I’m proud of the work I’ve done and accomplishments I’ve made. ​I believe I've found my true calling and purpose in life and desire to support as many people as I can so they know they are seen and heard; in turn truly being able to live a life of freedom. ​Praying God’s best for you as you also pursue purpose and fulfillment!

Coach Tiffany D. Newton

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